Porcine Urinary Bladders

Porcine Urinary BladdersA number of recent studies have shown the effectiveness of using porcine tissues to treat wounds.

Among them was a project at the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Services Division of Plastic Surgery, which looked at five different patients who had suffered various levels of trauma.

Some were people who had sustained second-degree burns while others were dealing with severe crushing injuries.

The research found that the porcine urinary bladder matrix appeared to be a useful tool for managing complex open wounds in situations where reconstruction was not an option.

A second study conducted in Hong Kong looked at porcine urinary bladder matrices as a tool for repairing a defect in a horse’s eye.

“The cornea was surgically debrided with the horse under general anesthesia and the defect repaired with ACell multilayer wound matrix,” the authors write in the journal Equine Veterinary Education. “A temporary tarsorrhaphy was performed. The defect in the cornea was successfully repaired and the horse regained vision in the eye.”

We should also mention another study, involving porcine bladders from our own research swine. They were part of a University of Pittsburgh study that used bladder tissue from pigs to help patients with significant leg injuries regrow muscles.

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