Porcine Hearts & Valves

Porcine tissues have been used by researchers seeking a solution for cardiac failure in human patients.

For example, a study in 2017 at Brigham Young University used detergents to decellularize and recellularize porcine hearts with differentiated cells made from human patient stem cells. The research team found this process can be finished within a day and leads to a 98 percent DINA removal in just six hours of detergent exposure.

This process could someday make cardiac failure a thing of the past, and yet another example of how porcine tissue can help biomedical researchers make findings that improve human health.

Post-mortem porcine tissue also serves as an excellent model in helping researchers determine the behavior of vessels and soft tissue. A study in France in 2016 looked at the porcine ascending aorta as it related to human ascending aorta pathologies.

Animal Biotech has spent nearly three decades assisting in this type of research. We’re proud of the part we’ve played in helping biomedical teams like yours with our porcine tissue and live porcine models.

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