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The Pig as a Model for the Study of Obesity and of Control of Food Intake

This research study published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine found that people and swine are very similar physiologically in the way that they store fat, and in the size of their fat cells. Scientists are studying the genetics involved in porcine that are lean versus porcine that show much more fat storage. With obesity being a large problem with the human population these days, as well as people’s desire to achieve healthy weights, this research is critical to attaining our collective physical fitness goals. It is fortunate that swine are so similar to people in their fat storage methods.

For more than 30 years, Animal Biotech has helped research teams do this kind of work by providing live porcine models and porcine tissue.  In addition, we also offer clients expertise in the proper testing, care and housing of live animals.

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Four Ways Porcine Models May Improve Human Health

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Regular readers of our blog have probably picked up on a pattern: story after story about how porcine models have helped lead to breakthroughs that can improve human health.

From Parkinson’s disease to diabetes to pediatric nutrition, there are numerous examples of this phenomenon. Here are a few that we’ve noted recently.

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How Porcine Islet Cells Could Help Treat Diabetes

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Research swine are playing a substantial role in uncovering new methods of treating diabetes.

Porcine islet cells are an integral part of the microislet cell encapsulation method because there is an unlimited source of porcine pancreas cells as compared to human donor pancreatic islets.

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