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Baboons Live Six Months Following Porcine Heart Transplant

With wait times for human organs as long as several years (at which point it may be too late for the designated recipient), the medical community has turned to animal organs as potentially life-saving alternatives.  Recent developments in gene editing such as CRISPR may someday lead to porcine hearts being a viable option for cardiac patients.  

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Porcine Skin Graft on Human

Xenotransplantation: The Future of Skin Grafts

Xenotransplantation, transplanting animal’s organs into humans, has been studied in research for a long time and is the wave of the future.  Human-to-human organ donation is always in high demand and is very often difficult to procure in a timely fashion to save lives.  Being able to implement animal-to-human transplantation on a routine basis would make saving human lives much easier.  This article speaks of research in porcine skin transplants.  Skin is the largest organ of the body and is critical in the immune system.  Currently skin grafts come from human cadavers and patients that elect to have excess skin removed.  Patients that have been badly burned are always in need of skin grafts.  Porcine skin is incredibly similar to human skin with the exception of the fact that porcine skin produces a sugar that humans do not.  Through genetic modification, this sugar production in the porcine skin has been deleted so it is more conducive to human transplantation. 

This is yet another example of how porcine tissue models help biomedical research. In addition to the live animal models and porcine tissue we provide, we also offer clients expertise in the proper testing, care and housing of live animals.

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Xenotransplantation: Research Pigs Lead to Milestone in Skin Transplants

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Researchers in China have genetically engineered a pig with human DNA and transplanted skin grafts onto monkeys, a breakthrough they say will open the door to new skin/organ transplants. This type of surgery is called xenotransplantation, the process of transplanting or grafting tissue or organs from one species to another.

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