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Live Animal Model: Pigs in Virus Research

Corona Virus

Research swine are playing an important role in the global fight against COVID-19, with live animal models helping to both create a vaccine and address the worldwide ventilator shortage.

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Determining the Presence of Brown Adipose Tissue in Porcine Models

adipose cell on microscopeIf there’s one thread that runs through all our blog posts, it’s the physiological similarity between pigs and humans, a fact that makes the porcine model extremely useful in biomedical research.

For example, there’s the study conducted by researchers at South China Agricultural University and the University of Hawaii at Manoa that looked for the presence of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in pigs.

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Porcine Tissue Remodeling & Ingrowth

Porcine Tissue Remodeling & IngrowthSurgeons that perform tendon and ligament replacements are always searching for materials that can mimic the performance and load transmissions of the native material.

As often happens, these searches turn to porcine tissue to approximate human tendons.

In a U.S. patent application filed in 2016, LifeCell Corporation of Branchburg, NJ describes a study using a porcine acellular tissue matrix – derived from porcine skin – that was implanted into a human.

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A Study of Ultrasound Elastography Using Porcine Renal Tissue

Animal Models with Porcine Renal TissuePorcine renal tissue is useful in studying ultrasound elastography, a method of measuring the graft health of a transplanted kidney.

A recent study by researchers at the University of British Columbia found that blood pressure plays a role as a confounding factor in measuring the elasticity of the renal tissue.

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A Focus on Quality Tissue for Research Needs

Highest Standards of Animal Tissue Harvesting

At Animal Biotech Industries (ABI), our mission is to provide clients with high-quality, post-mortem tissues harvested with precise attention to client specifications. All products are harvested at USDA federally inspected abattoirs or at our onsite climate controlled facilities. These harvests are carried out in strictly controlled environmental conditions following precise protocols which have been specifically developed for each client.

Animal Tissue Shipment

These tissue samples are then processed and packaged using time tested techniques that guarantee the integrity of the tissues during shipment. Most tissues are shipped by FedEx either fresh using cold packs or frozen with dry ice. Our packaging and boxing methods allow all tissue to remain in either condition during shipment inside the boxes for up to three days even under the most adverse temperature extremes. We also make it our policy to have contingency plans in place to ensure our clients receive their tissue exactly when they need it, taking into account possible delivery delays with intermediate shipping companies. All FedEx boxes are tracked by both ABI and its clients. Continue Reading A Focus on Quality Tissue for Research Needs