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Man's hand holding a stent between forefinger and thumb in front of his eye. Selective focus on the stent.

Thrombectomy Study in Pigs

Stents have long been a part of the lives of people. It is critical to keep clots and emboli in check to maintain the vascular health of people. Stent retriever mechanical thrombectomy is used standardly in treatment of strokes. The research done in this article on thrombectomy in acute stroke treatment is groundbreaking. The NeVa thrombectomy device is showing that it is able to collect and therefore remove large clot occlusions from the vascular system and achieve near-full to full reperfusion. The design of the device lends itself very well to capturing these clots. Swine are the model of choice for this study because their vascular system so closely matches the human vascular system.

We’re proud of the work our animals help researchers accomplish and look forward to contributing research swine to help in similar breakthroughs in the future.

In addition to offering live porcine models and porcine tissue, we’re also happy to offer clients our expertise in selecting the right animal model and/or animal tissue to utilize in their research.

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament in x-ray view

Comparison of Domestic Pig and Human Cruciate Ligaments

This research published in the Journal of Anatomy was done to compare human and porcine cruciate ligaments (namely the ACL and PCL) in their form and function.  The similarity of these two ligaments between people and swine are amazing.  It was noted, however, that the pig and the person differ in their gaits and it is difficult to fully match their movements and tensions on the ligaments.  Still, researchers are finding that people and swine are similar enough to be able to compare them on many other levels and their findings will benefit people with ligament injuries with further research.

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